An adult medical consultation generally involves a meeting with a specialist doctor lasting anything between half an hour and an hour and a half. At this consultation your doctor will review your symptoms as well as any previous treatments. He or she will also review your medical history, including any surgery you may have had, your family's medical history and medications - both current and previous medications, and any other relevant information.

After this you will have a full physical examination, which may be followed by other diagnostic testing, imaging and/or scans and in some cases medical procedures, or any or all of these may be scheduled for a future date. The examinations and tests will enable your doctor to put together the most suitable treatment plan for you.

A treatment plan may involve the following...

  • Medical or physical therapy
  • Recommended nutritional changes or other lifestyle changes
  • Surgical options
  • Alternative treatments

In all cases our medical specialists are looking for the best treatment plan for you personally, considering the impact various approaches may have on your whole body, not just the part of the body being treated and the impact of treatment on your life as a whole. Your opinion and feedback is of the utmost importance in this process.

At LungHealth we offer a wide range of tests to check the function of your lungs, including spirometry, plethysmography, and diffusion capacity testing.

Also known as bronchoprovocation testing, this test is used in the diagnosis of asthma and asthma related conditions.

Also referred to as nasal resistance testing, this test is a way of checking the cause of breathing problems through the nose.

Polysomnography, or sleep studies, are used to diagnose a range of sleep disorders, such as poor quality sleep or insomnia and determine if there are any underlying sleep conditions, such as sleep apnoea.

Bronchoscopy is a non invasive (ie it does not require surgery) method of diagnosing and in some cases treating conditions affecting the airways and the lungs.

Endo Bronchial Ultrasound Guided Biopsy is a non invasive method of taking tissue and fluid samples from the lungs and/or airways to diagnose a range of conditions affecting the airways and the lungs.